Sustainable Packaging

How sustainable packaging contributes to the reduction of costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability has always been an important topic, but in recent years people are paying much more attention to it. As a total supplier of tailor-made RTI solutions, we work exclusively with Sustainable Packaging. Our mission is to make the supply chain more sustainable. This contributes to reductions in both costs and carbon footprints for our customers. Are you curious how? Read on!

Sustainable Packaging materials from HB RTS

HB RTS works with, among others, the following Sustainable Packaging in the field of rental, pool management, cleaning and returns handling:

Why pack your goods sustainably?

Sustainable Packaging and transportation of your goods has many advantages:

1.Better for the environment and our planet

Sustainable Packaging can be reused, lasts longer and, in many cases, can be repaired. In addition, it is 100% recyclable. As a result, you create less waste than ‘one-way’ packaging, such as cardboard boxes and crates, which are only used once. That is, of course, better for the environment.


Reusable logistics resources are also very interesting from a financial point of view, particularly when you opt for rental instead of purchase. When you rent, no large investment is required. In addition, you only rent the items you need at that moment and you can easily respond to off-peak and peak periods.

Moreover, the packaging items are not waiting in a warehouse somewhere for the next peak period. Sustainable Packaging also means that all produced packaging materials actually remain in use. Finally, disposal of waste entails costs. The less waste you create, the less costs you incur.

3.The reputation of your company

Society expects companies to do their best to be environmentally responsible. This means that choosing reusable logistics resources is good for your company's reputation.

Cleaning of Sustainable Packaging

Using Sustainable Packaging also includes cleaning as the items are used again and again. Particularly in the food industry, hygiene is an important issue. That’s why all these items are cleaned according to very strict ISO standards before they return to your supply chain.

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Would you like to know more about renting, managing or cleaning your logistics resources? Or are you curious how you could let your supply chain stimulate the circular economy? HB RTS specializes in drawing up tailor-made partnerships that fully meet your specific wishes and the needs of your company.

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