Professional cleaning location

For a professional cleaning of crates, pallets and pallet boxes.


We provide tailor-made RTI solutions and related services in the supply chain that help reduce your costs and improve your carbon footprint. From rental and cleaning to optimization of logistics flows, we take care of it! Cleaning is one of these services.

Professional cleaning of plastic crates, pallets and pallet boxes

Returnable transport items (RTIs) are an important part of your production process and the shipment of your products. To guarantee quality, it is strongly recommended to have the RTIs cleaned on a regular basis.

At HB RTS, cleaning is in our DNA. With over 20 years of experience as a professional crate washer, we ensure that your RTIs such as plastic crates, pallets and pallet boxes are cleaned professionally and at a favorable rate.

From our specialized cleaning locations, we ensure high-quality cleaning (and maintenance) of your RTIs. The strategic location of these locations ensures that transport optimization and savings can also be achieved.

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The advantages of a professional washing location

HB RTS offers the following benefits:

  • A network structure from which we offer transport optimization.
  • With professional cleaning, RTIs last longer and look more presentable.
  • With multiple machines and locations at a professional washing location, the impact of a malfunction or staff loss can be quickly absorbed.
  • Outsourcing saves you time and money. Moreover, you have more insight into the costs than if you keep cleaning in-house.
  • A professional party that has a fully dedicated technical team with the right in-house knowledge, that works with the best materials and that guarantees the best quality for cleaning day after day.

Type of returnable transport items (RTIs) that we clean

We specialize in the professional cleaning of the following RTIs:

This is why HB RTS is unique

As an experienced player in the market, we offer the security and professionalism of a large company and the flexibility and accessibility of a local company. By doing so, we ensure a pleasant cooperation in which quality is guaranteed.

In addition to cleaning, we also relieve you of other aspects, such as the rental, returns handling and pool management of RTIs. We’re a one-stop shop. For example, credits and rental balances are always used optimally, which leads to transport optimization and lower costs and lower CO₂ emissions.

Quality requirements

Quality is our priority. Our washing locations are set up according to ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 guidelines and meet high quality requirements. These ISO certificates were extended for three years in May 2021. With HB RTS, you can be sure that your RTIs are being cleaned in the safest and most hygienic way possible.

Focus on a sustainable cleaning method

In addition to quality, we continuously work on sustainability. Regarding water consumption, we continuously follow the latest developments in the field of filtration in order to further reduce consumption. In addition, we are focused on making energy-saving investments to increase sustainability and limit increasing rates. By incorporating all these developments, HB RTS contributes to achieving your environmental objectives at the lowest possible cost.

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Are you interested in outsourcing the cleaning of your logistics resources? Ask for a free test cleaning in one of our washing locations and experience our cleaning process and our service. Contact us for a free consult.

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