At HB, you can rent various types of packaging on a flexible or fixed basis.

We rent out the following types of packaging:


7, 8, 11, 15, 17, 23

Customer-specific crates

pallets, pallet boxes or other RTIs

E1 and E2 crates

Plastic pallets

H1 and block

Plastic pallet boxes

low and high

Interested in the rental possibilities?

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Stichting Versfust / CBL

HB is an official logistics service provider of the Versfust Stichting. This foundation makes CBL Versfusten available. HB therefore has the right to rent out CBL crates to you. Below you will find a number of advantages for renting crates via HB CBL:

  • The desired items are quickly available from our various locations (kilometer reduction)
  • You get the crates cleaned by HB to the desired load carrier
  • The CBL pool register, PoolService, is automatically informed, so that the validation process proceeds correctly


In our crate washing facilities, we clean plastic crates, pallets (boxes) and cheese boards.

More about cleaning


We have a large stock of plastic crates and various returnable transport items. 

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We specialize in processing returns from retail.

About returns


We take care of transport, cleaning, management and registration of CBL crates.

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