Rental of crates and packaging by HB RTS


HB RTS provides tailor-made RTI solutions and related services in the supply chain that help to reduce your costs and improve your carbon footprint. From rental, management and cleaning to optimization of logistics flows, we take care of it!

Crates rental

We rent out various types of crates, rolling load carriers, pallets and pallet boxes for the short or long term hire, helping you with your peak demands throughout the year and also saving you the expense of buy new items to cover those peaks. This allows us to relieve you of peak demand and also avoid major financial expenditure. We have our own range of RTIs and we also offer tailor-made solutions based on your needs.

Why rent a crate and other packaging and logistics resources from HB RTS?

Renting fresh boxes has a number of important advantages:

  • Flexibility: no long-term contracts and always the option to switch types.
  • Minimal cost: No cash-out or large investments required so you can use capital for other primary sales and production processes.
  • Quick response: Prevent pool slack in peaks season and also avoid costly storage in low peaks.

We rent out the following RTIs:

Avoid expensive rental

Packaging is always expensive to purchase. By renting packaging, you don’t have to invest in these packaging products. As a consequence, you avoid costly investments and limiting company cashflow, allowing you to invest in marketing or production. In addition, you benefit from the consistent quality of our packaging.

High degree of flexibility

Renting RTIs offers you a high degree of flexibility. You are not bound by long-term contracts. Many of our customers are regularly confronted with product range changes at retailers, as a result of which packaging and RTI flows change. By renting RTIs, you as a producer can quickly and easily change the type of RTIs you use or change contracts with retailers.

Easy to respond to changes

We rent out our range on a fixed or flexible basis and in the short and long term. This makes renting very attractive for parties that go through seasonal peaks. Flexibility is a key factor. The short-term rental contracts absorb the peaks when necessary. As a consequence, you’ll never be without load carriers and also avoid the packaging taking up expensive storage space for the rest of the year.

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If you decide to rent RTIs from HB RTS, you can count on direct and personal cooperation with your needs first and foremost. Together, we’ll find the most suitable solution for your company and your logistics needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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