Pool management

Pool management of packaging and load carriers

We take care of the complete management of your packaging pool

Pool management

We provide tailor-made RTI solutions and related services in the supply chain that help reduce your costs and improve your carbon footprint. Taking care of the full packaging project management is one of our services.

Who can benefit from packaging project management?

Managing RTIs takes a lot of time. You can outsource this to HB RTS. We take care of the full packaging project management, in order for you to be able to focus on your core business. Packaging project management and the outsourcing of packaging management is particularly interesting for companies that work with multiple retailers or that have partial deliveries to other producers. In case of the latter, we can transfer balances administratively to also reduce transport costs and unnecessary CO₂ emissions.

Why choose HB RTS for returnable packaging management?

Thanks to our depot structure, we can save many transport kilometers for you. We have various cleaning locations. As a consequence, it is possible to clean and collect the packaging at your chosen location. This saves us more than 100,000 transport kilometers annually, helping us make the supply chain more sustainable.

Packaging is our core business. Our team is highly experienced and is in daily contact with all parties involved, such as retailers, suppliers and the pool manager, to ensure that the processes run smoothly. We have specific knowledge and know-how in the field of efficient packaging management.

As a supplier, we completely unburden you by planning and handling the returns and balances at your retailers. Everything is tracked in our registration system. This guarantees a very clear and efficient process.

Our approach to packaging project management

Before we start managing your packaging, we will analyse the current and desired packaging flows together with you. This gives us a clear picture of the size of the logistics flows. We distinguish between your packaging processing to affiliated retailers and/or your other packaging flows to your B2B customers.

We take care of the follow-up of your credit balances with your affiliated retailers. For example, we ensure that your outstanding stock at affiliated retailers remains as low as possible. As a consequence, you always have enough packaging available. This prevents any additional rental of packaging being necessary.

As soon as packaging is available, it is immediately taken to one of our depots and added to the stock in your account. All transactions are immediately visible in our packaging management system. If desired, we take care of the transport of the load carriers. Of course, it is also possible to manage your own transporter or transport department. We are very flexible.

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