Rental of reusable and sustainable crates

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Crate rental at HB RTS

HB RTS offers tailor-made RTI solutions and related services in the supply chain that help reduce your costs and improve your carbon footprint. From rental, management and cleaning to optimization of supply chain, we take care of it all! The rental of crates is one of these services.

Why rent crates from HB RTS?

We’ll work with you to find the most sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the transportation of your goods. This may mean that we use an existing crate type (such as E-series crate or fresh box), or we’ll develop a custom-made box together that fits your needs. All crates can easily be transported on one of the HB RTS load carriers, such as Rollies, Dollies, roll containers and pallets.

Crate rental at HB RTS: all benefits at a glance

  • Optimal flexibility, different formats for the short and long term
  • Low cost: you do not pay in advance
  • You pick up the crates from us, or we take care of the transport
  • All crates are pre-cleaned, of good quality and very durable

Type of crates rented at HB RTS

  • Fresh box (7, 8, 11, 15, 17, 23)
  • E series crate (E1 and E2)
  • Folding crate
  • Customer-specific crate

Most popular in The Netherlands: Rental of CBL boxes (fresh boxes)

The most demanded product is The Netherlands is a CBL-box (fresh box). As an official logistics service provider of the Versfust Foundation, we are allowed to rent out this type of reusable and sustainable crates to you from our packaging pool. Features of these crates are:

  • The smooth surface makes the CBL/fresh box crate easy to clean. Ventilation openings ensure that products remain cool, fresh and dry.
  • The CBL/fresh box meets the European Standard Dimensions and is stackable with other variants on the market. This way, you optimize the space in your warehouse, truck or shop and save on transport costs.
  • The crates can easily be transported on one of the other HB RTS load carriers, such as Rollies, Dollies, roll containers and pallets.
  • CBL/Fresh boxes are made of food-standard recycled polyethylene and are therefore more sustainable than cardboard boxes.

Why is a plastic crate better than a cardboard crate?

According to a recent study by the Fraunhofer Institute, reusable crates last 12 years on average. In addition, damaged crates can in many cases be repaired, meaning you can use them for longer. The plastic from crates that can no longer be repaired is used to make new reusable logistics resources.

Another big advantage of plastic crates is that they have a smaller ecological footprint than boxes or crates that are only used once. This is both good for the environment and for the reputation and image of your company. In short, plastic crates are a responsible choice for the environment.

Contact us for crate rental

If you choose to rent crates, you opt for flexibility, durability and the professional customer service of HB RTS. Contact HB RTS, the specialist in crate rental, to hear more about the possibilities.

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