Mission of HB RTS

Our mission

We contribute to a better world.

You all need packaging. This item does not need any care. However, that is what most companies think. In fact, when certain flows are not fully optimized, packaging often incurs lots of (unnecessary) costs without knowing.

HB RTS helps to optimize your supply chain, reduce your costs and improve your company's CO₂ footprint. We do this with various RTI solutions and related support services.

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HB RTS as a one-stop shop

One-stop shop

Tailor-made an cost efficient solutions 

The customer comes first at HB RTS. Our smart solutions to optimize your logistics flows are always fully customized and attuned to your company's requests. We do not limit ourselves to our own in-house resources, but we also look at new solutions if they better meet your needs.

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Rental of RTI's of HB RTS

HB RTS services

Rental of various types of RTIs

We rent various types of RTIs for short or long term. You can think about crates, pallets, pallet boxes and various roll carriers, such as Dollies, Rollies and roll containers. We have our own range of RTIs, but also offer tailor-made solutions based on your needs. With rental, we help you to better respond to demand in peak periods and ensure that you can avoid large investments. 

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Pool management by HB RTS

HB RTS services

Full management of your packaging pool

If desired, we take care of the complete management of your packaging pool (transport, cleaning, returns management and registration). We are happy to think along which packaging flows in your supply chain can be optimized to significantly save time and costs.

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Cleaning services at HB RTS

HB RTS services

Professional cleaning of RTIs

RTIs are an important part of your production process and of the shipment of your products. To guarantee quality, we ensure that your RTIs such as crates, pallets and pallet boxes are professionally cleaned for favorable rates. Obviously, we think along how we can realize transport optimization and transport savings.

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Returns management of HB RTS

HB RTS services

Returns management

We take care of the complete handling of your company's returns. This is the entire process from counting, sorting and registration and transportation of RTIs to suppliers. Outsourcing returns handling will significantly reduce current deposit shortages and packaging costs.

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