What is an efficient use of resources?

What is an efficient use of resources?

Circular economy, this word has been popping up more and more lately. But what is circular economy in? What are the benefits for your company of applying this? We explain it for you below.

What is an efficient use of resources?

The circular economy is all about using products for as long as possible by renting, repairing and recycling them. The lifespan of a certain product is extended in this way and less waste is created. This also means choosing products that make efficient use of resources and can be used for a long time.

The benefits of the efficient use of resources for your company

The longer you can use a product for, the more attractive it is financially. The constant purchase of pallets, crates and other logistics resources costs a lot of money. Moreover, the disposal of these also entails costs.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is a must in today's society. Your customers expect you to do everything you can to make ecologically responsible choices, and of course, you want the best for our planet and the climate.

Participating in the circular economy has several advantages for you as an entrepreneur. You save on costs, do something good for the environment and improve the image of your company.

Common options for resource efficiency

We notice that our customers are increasingly switching to plastic items, such as plastic pallets, pallet boxes and fresh boxes. These are very durable, have a long lifespan, can be completely cleaned for reuse, are weather resistant and can be 100% recycled.

We also see that more and more companies are switching to renting RTIs instead of buying them. At HB RTS, we offer flexible agreements so we can make sure the circle stays closed. If you need fewer crates, they will go to a company that is in the middle of a peak period. As a consequence, you’ll never have an excess of logistics resources standing still for months in your warehouse.

Applying an efficient use of resources in your supply chain

The principles mentioned above can be applied within any industry, although the options will of course depend on your specific logistics needs. As a total solution provider, we at HB RTS are happy to think along with you about which option best suits your organization. Are you curious what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us for more information.

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