The Sustainable DSPLY
Building up the display

The Sustainable POS display by HB RTS

Reduce your CO2 footprint

Sustainable DSPLY

Every year, thousands of cardboard displays are brought to retailers. After a couple of months, it’s waste that needs to be recycled. This can only be done a limited number of times. That’s why we say: recycling is good, reuse is better!

HB RTS POS displays are made of sturdy plastic that will last for years and that can be branded in multiple ways. The separate shelves of the display can be folded for an efficient return flow. And at the end of the lifespan the material can still be recycled.

What is the Sustainable DSPLY?

Sustainable DSPLY in practice

Optimal presentation

  • Optimal presentation with multiple branding possibilities:
    – Possibility to really show your product by leaving sides open
    – Possibility to reach the product from all sides
  • Stabil display; no sagging or tearing, less product damage
  • Single empty shelves can be replaced or removed on the shop floor
  • Supporting communication to retailer and end customer possible

Sustainable solution

  • Built your display with a minimum amount of cardboard for less waste and a lower CO2 footprint:
    – Cardboard used can be thinner as the plastic provides stability
    – Sides can be left open
  • Circular use in a pooling system instead of one-time use
  • The material can be recycled at the end of its long lifespan

Easy handling, easy pooling

  • Easy building and handling; time savings in building the display
  • Compatible with all standardized types of reusable dollies and quarter pallets
  • Standardized format for higher efficiency in the logistical flow
  • Easy folding and stacking of shelves for compact return and storage
  • HB RTS manages the pool; we take care of administration, cleaning and repair

Stability of the DSPLY: shock tests

Comparison mounting time


Dimensions (L x W x H)External: 596 x 396 x 268 mm per tray
Internal: 520 x 370 x 248 mm per tray
Weight2.1 kg per tray,
Carrying capacity38 kg UDL per tray, 200 kg per DSPLY (uniformly distributed load)
Regular configuration6 trays = 1 Sustainable DSPLY; 1,563 mm high incl. dolly