Steel Dolly
CC Dolly

Dolly Steel

The rolling quarter pallet

The Dolly Steel is a rolling quarter pallet with the same internal dimensions as a ¼ Euro Pallet to match European standard measurements. It’s developed specifically for transporting modular packaging. The discreet construction of the Dolly Steel also makes it a perfect carrier of in-store displays. Its low profile make it almost unnoticeable, ensuring your products grab the customers eyes.

  • The design of the frame enables the products to sit in their own protected space.
  • Its stackable nature provides a safe, sustainable and efficient returns flow.
  • Made from hot dip galvanised steel, robust and 100% recycleble.
  • Smooth rounded corners provide safety in use and make it easy to position.


External dimensions (L x W x H)
603 mm x 403 mm x 152 mm
Weight7.5 kg
Carrying capacity200 kg UDL