Plastic pallets and pallet boxes

Standard products for every logistics process

We have a range of plastic pallets and pallet boxes, for all your logistics needs. The H1 pallet, the standard in the Netherlands and Germany, is made of robust material and hence durable. The same goes for the slightly larger Block pallet, also known as the ISO pallet. This format is more common in the logistics flows of British and French companies.

We also offer low and high pallet boxes, for transporting products in a container. The pallet boxes can be closed with a lid if required.

In the Netherlands, we can also clean these reusable transport items for you to ISO standards.

  • European standard dimensions
  • User-friendly ergonomic design
  • Fits any logistics process


H1 pallet / Europallet1200 x 800 mm
Blokpallet / ISO pallet1200 x 1000 mm
Pallet boxesSeveral sizes,
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