A high-quality roll cage for heavier bulk items

The mini roll container is a robust roll cage, developed especially for transporting heavier bulk items, e.g. sacks of root vegetables. Its internal dimensions are the same as ¼ (Euro)pallet, so it matches European standards. It can easily be handled manually or mechanically, and for storage and return logistics it can be nested and condenses to a fraction of its loaded volume.

The perfect in-store display unit

Since the Minitainer is designed as an in-store display unit, it can carry your products all the way from production plant and directly into the store. They only need to be loaded once to save you the usual costs and risks of reloading. And with everything moving on wheels, in-store handling is much easier.

  • Developed to transport heavier bulk items.
  • Fits European standardised systems. Internal dimensions corresponding to ¼ (Euro)pallet. Ideal as a retail display unit at the point-of-sales. Discreet construction makes your products the eye-catchers.
  • Ensures a cost-efficient return flow. A safe lift-up hinged base and swing-back sides ensure that for return logistics and storage it condenses to a fraction of its loaded volume.
  • A durable construction ensures perfect product safety. It’s made from hot dip galvanised steel to ensure protection from corrosion. Can endure dramatic changes in temperatures. It can be used or stored from −30˚ to +70˚.