Euro Dolly

Dolly Euro

Mobile quarter pallet for modular packaging

The Dolly Euro is a quarter pallet on wheels, which is used as a base for POS displays or for the transport of crates and other modular packaging. The Dolly Euro can be used throughout the supply chain, so restacking is not necessary. The quarter pallet is easy to use, as it can easily be moved without a pallet jack.

Of course, the Dolly Euro, like all our reusable transport items, fits in a sustainable way of working. The Dolly is made of steel and recycled plastic, has a long lifespan, and can be recycled again.

  • European standard dimensions
  • User-friendly ergonomic design, to make product handling easier
  • Develops for POS Displays and modular packaging
  • Equipped with two RFID labels and two barcodes, which enable “smart” use


External dimensions (L x W x H)600mm x 400mm x 173mm
Weight5.3 kg
Carrying capacity250 kg UDL