Pool management: managing your RTI’s

Before we start managing your Reusable Transport Items (RTI’s), we create a flow analysis with you for all your required packaging. This helps to create a clear picture of the logistical processes. We make a distinction between your packaging flows to affiliated retailers and to your B2B customers.

Our activity in the retail channel means following up your balances with the affiliated retailer(s) and ensuring that your outstanding stock is and remains as low as possible. As a result, the availability of RTI’s is as high as possible. With this, we prevent the need to rent additional RTI’s.

As soon as stock of RTI’s is available, it can be transported to one of our depots. The stock is put immediately on your account. All transactions are processed in our registration system and can be viewed Real Time. If required, we takes care of the transport of the RTI’s.

Activities B2B

It is adviced to maintain contact with your B2B customers regarding the packaging balances. We can support you with insights in your balances and by providing tips on how to ensure that the follow-up is kept up to date.

Are you interested in outsourcing management of your RTI’s?

Then please contact us.