New company address for D.A.CH region

Last year Container Centralen A/S (CC) specialized its activities in separate companies and CC European Retail was founded. Still as a result of this split, we have now changed our company address and telephone number for our D.A.CH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Please change your records accordingly.

New address and telephone number

CC European Retail D.A.CH GmbH
D–40211 Düsseldorf
+49 21 198 70 9904

Please note that this address has no house number; ‘Dreischeibenhaus’ without an addition is correct.

Old address
Peter-Müller-Straße 3
D-40468 Düsseldorf

A next step in this process of change will be to change the company name to a new name without the abbreviation CC, as this still refers to the old company. We will inform you about this later this year.

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