MyReusables is the online order system from CC-Retail, where you can easily manage your own orders. In MyReusables we also register your agreements with us and we request your order confirmations.

What can you do in MyReusables?

  • You can request rental agreements, place orders, register deliveries and plan returns.
  • You have direct access to status overviews of your orders.
  • You will receive support and insight in your deposit balances with retailers (when applicable).
  • You can manage your own data, like your delivery location(s) and contact persons from your company.

Confirming agreements and orders

We encourage you to manage your bookings with us via the system, but in some cases you might still order via our customer service. Also then, we will create an account for you in MyReusables to confirm orders and agreements with us. This replaces agreements and confirmations by email or post.

Requesting an acount and logging in

If one of your colleagues already has an account, they can create an account for you. This can be done by going to the Customer profiler in the top menu of MyReusables. Here they can add you as a contact. If you are the first in your company to request an account, please contact us, either via your known contact or via our customer service desks.

You can find the login page to MyReusables in the menu on the top of this page, or via the URL

MyReusables: a short tour

In MyReusables you will find:

  • Top menu with your company data and overviews.
  • Action buttons to initiate a new request or registration. Depending on your agreements with us, you will have your own personalized set of action buttons. This means, you will only see the buttons that are applicable to your company.
  • Quick insights. Clicking on the quick insights will lead you to the overviews that you can also reach via the top menu.

Demo video’s