HB takes care of the complete handling of the store returns for a number of retailers.

This mainly concerns the handling of crates (CBL, EPS), roll containers and dollies, waste and paper. We can provide the following services for the packaging of fresh products (crates, containers, dollies) and the packaging of KW (beer crates, PET bottles, waste):

  • Counting 
  • Sorting
  • Management / registration
  • Supplier pick up

Returns ensure reduction

Outsourcing the processing of returns to HB ensures a reduction. Our experience allows us to work smart and efficiently. We carefully count what results in great (proven) reductions of deposit shortages. 

Are you interested in outsourcing your return flow (reduction of costs)? 

Then contact us. 

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In our crate washing facilities, we clean plastic crates, pallets (boxes) and cheese boards.

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We have a large stock of plastic crates and various returnable transport items. 

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We specialize in processing returns from retail.

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We take care of transport, cleaning, management and registration of CBL crates.

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