CBL crates management is our core business

Before we start managing CBL crates and other packaging, we create a flow analysis with you for all your required packaging. This helps to create a clear picture of the volume of the packaging flows. In this we make a distinction between your CBL crate processing to all affiliated retailers within the CBL Versfust Pool and your other packaging flows to your B2B customers. 

Our activity in the retail channel means following up your CBL balances with the affiliated retailer(s) in the Dutch market and ensuring that your outstanding stock is and remains as low as possible. As a result, the physical availability for yourself is as high as possible and we prevent the need to rent additional CBL crates.

As soon as stock of CBL crates is available, it is called up and can be transported to an HB location. The stock is put immediately on your HB account. All transactions are processed in our registration system and can be viewed Real Time. If required, HB takes care of the transport of the CBL crates and it is also possible for us to direct your own transporter or transport department to process the CBL crates. We believe it is important to handle this flexibly so that the transport process runs smooth.

B2B Activities

It is sensible for your own organization to maintain contact with your B2B customers regarding the packaging balances. HB can in this case act as a "stop" behind the door to your own packaging manager, so that attention remains focused on your packaging stands. This allows us to keep an eye on the balances, to monitor that with you and to provide tips on how to ensure that the follow-up is kept up to date. This allows you to keep your focus on your core business. Here HB also has the option of carrying out the transport and/or directing your transporter or your own transport department. 

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In our crate washing facilities, we clean plastic crates, pallets (boxes) and cheese boards.

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We have a large stock of plastic crates and various returnable transport items. 

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We specialize in processing returns from retail.

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We take care of transport, cleaning, management and registration of CBL crates.

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