HB Management-System-Means

If your organization uses the logistic services of HB, log in via the HB-MSM web page below.

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HB uses the Management System Means (MSM) when registering the returnable transport items. This robustly developed web-based program offers the possibility to register, follow and manage all RTI types.

HB offers your organization additional options that simplify RTI management even further. Central to this is less work and more control on RTI with deposit, such as CBL/EPS crates.  

What are the benefits of the registration management system for you as a customer: 

  • Reducing unnecessary loss of RTIs; 
  • Reducing difficult and old discussions with contacts through late and incorrect information; 
  • Reducing manual (input) work through electronic communication 
  • Providing additional services to clients for RTI administration, such as integration, web view and notifications; 
  • Real-time information of RTI transactions; 
  • More efficient use of RTIs (quantity) through real-time information and data analysis; 
  • Use of planned and assigned tasks, instead of ad hoc; 
  • Overviews in 9 different languages and through the internet. 

Result for your organization: less work and more control over the business.

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