About HB

HB's smart packaging network offers a wide range of packaging services that are widely applicable in the logistics and supply chain of the food industry. 

We provide flexible and smart solutions for your packaging challenges. This concerns both physical and administrative handling of packaging. We are available 24/7 for your packaging questions with a team of 300 employees. We focus on rental, cleaning, returns and management of packaging and load carriers, and we are constantly looking for smart reduction.

How do we do that?

We analyze the existing flows and optimize their design by using our national network. 

We believe in smart solutions that reduce transport distances (and therefore CO2). We always look at how things can be done even better and smarter. How can we reduce even more. Also in our cleaning process, extensive attention is paid on working smarter. For example, we work with spinner technology at many locations. This not only makes the crate drier, it also uses less energy.

Smart reduction is central 
to our services. 

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